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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments processed through Stripe. We collect payment information in two ways.

  • 1.) For customers with self-service enabled we simply require billing details when creating your first environment. This is done completely through the dashboard.
  • 2.) For customers without self-service enabled we collect billing details immediately following the signature of your contract.

When does billing for an environment start?

For environments created through the self-service On-boarding workflow, billing starts immediately after you accept the contract and your environments are provisioned. The Developer plan includes a 14-day free trial (valid if your environments don’t require any additional resources beyond those included in the base contract)—in this case, billing will start at the end of the trial. In order to avoid being charged for trial environments, the trial must be cancelled before the 14 days end.

For customers with environments that were provisioned before the Platform 3.0 release (August 15th, 2017) your billing starts once your environment(s) have been provisioned on. At that time, you will be able to push your application to your environment. You will receive emails at time of billing.

14-day Free Trial restoration

When a customer cancels their 14-day free trial, only to restore that environment within the 30 days allotted, they will be billed immediately at time of restoration.

Do you offer sandbox environments for things like development, staging, or QA?

In certain cases Datica will provide a sandbox environment. However, due to the nature of the platform our compliance is not “bolted on”, and therefore can’t necessarily be taken away. As such every Datica environment is HIPAA & HITRUST compliant.

When do you sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

For all new environments provisioned after the Platform 3.0 release BAAs are bundled into the standard contract. This is signed directly before accepting the terms of the contract and deploying your first environment.

For environments provisioned before the Platform 3.0 release your BAA would have been sent immediately following the acceptance of the terms of the Service Order. We would have sent you a BAA to sign. If you have questions about our BAAs, please reach out to our compliance group.

Do you have any additional requirements for signing a BAA?

No, we sign BAAs for all environments on the Platform.