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Registering for a Platform Account

Registering for an account is always done through the platform registration page. User’s that have been invited to an existing organization must have a Platform account before accepting an invitation. Registering for an account is completely free, so we always suggest doing that right away. Additionally, new customers looking to create a free trial should register before on-boarding.


If you already have an account, continue on to the next step.

Receive an Invitation from an Organization Admin or Owner

An organization admin or owner must invite you to the organization. Instructions for sending invites are in the Organizations article

Accept Invitation

Once invited, you will receive an email that looks like this:


The email contains two options for accepting the invitation:

Navigate to The Platform Dashboard and sign in. Once signed in click the link in the email to accept the invitation.

Option 2: Accept invite via the CLI

Copy and paste the CLI command from the e-mail into your terminal window:

datica invites accept your-invite-code-here

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