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The Platform Environment Logging

Datica has implemented a complete ELK stack for The Platform to manage acquiring and storing log data.

ELK stands for:

  • Elasticsearch - for storing and searching log data
  • Logstash - for sending and receiving log data to Elasticsearch
  • Kibana - for a visual interface into log data

Accessing the logging dashboard

Go to the logging URL provided for you. https://{datica provided domain}/logging/. For example:

Or you can sign into the Datica dashboard and click the logging link under your deployed environment. Sign in using your Datica credentials.


Your dashboard will look something like this.


Searching and Filtering

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for logs. For example, to filter application logs you can use the query:

 syslog_program : supervisord


You can view various time ranges of your logs by highlighting a portion of your events over time bar graph.


More information on how to filter and search for logs can be found here.

Direct ElasticSearch Queries

For information on Direct ElasticSearch Queries please view this guide.