The Service Proxy is a special service in each environment that is responsible for routing traffic from the outside world into your environment’s network, to specific code services. This is configured using sites. The service proxy is the only service exposed outside of your environment’s network - all external (non-console, non-VPN) traffic goes through it and is proxied to other services.

Client IP Forwarding

Because the traffic is proxied to your code service, the client IP is not directly available. This can be made available in another header, upon request.

Viewing/Downloading Configurations

Internally, each service proxy uses NGINX, with a configuration file generated for each site. To list these files, use the CLI‘s files list command.

datica -E "<your_env_name>" files list

Then, find the file corresponding to the site you’re interested in (named after it - for example, /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ and download it with the files download command:

datica -E "<your_env_name>" files download <filename>