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The Platform Environment Monitoring

Every environment includes its own monitoring server that watches the services in the environment. Datica’s monitoring solution is built on top of Sensu.

Accessing Monitoring

You can access an environment’s monitoring service via the Datica-provided management URL.

You will see an authentication popup that looks like this:


Enter in the email and password for your Datica user account that has access to the specified environment.

Successful authentication will take you to an interface that looks like this:


The main page of the monitoring interface shows any monitoring checks in an error state. In the example picture, the app01_worker-worker service has two checks in an error state

The second tab down on the left side bar is the clients tab. This tab shows you the different services in your environment and their overall state.


If you click on an individual service, you can see the checks on that specific service, as shown below: