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Highly-Available (HA) services are services deployed in configurations that allow them to better deal with unexpected stability issues. A service can go down for a number of reasons - application fault, memory issues, deadlocks, or host failures (the Platform does pretty well, but no hardware is immune to failure).

At a high level, making a service HA means to scale it up - that is, to set the number of deploy jobs. For specific service types, it gets more complex. As rule of thumb, Datica highly recommends all services be set to HA for provided stability.

HA Code Services

An HA code service simply is configured to have two or more deploy jobs running simultaneously. During the provisioning of an HA code service, Datica will also increase the scale of the service proxy. Traffic will be routed via round-robin from the environment’s load balancer between service proxies, which will in turn only route to running deploy jobs containers for that service.

HA Database Services

HA database services vary in setup depending on the type of database.

HA Cache Services

HA cache services vary in setup depending on the type of database.