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Supported Databases

Please see the supported databases document for a list of supported databases and versions.

How do database backups work?

We perform automated backups each night. Access to the backups is provided via The Platform CLI. You can read about how to interact with backups here.

How do I connect to my database?

The endpoint connection information for the resources your application will consume is available in the environment variables for your environment. You can view your environment variables in the Datica Dashboard or with the Datica CLI client program with the command: datica -E "<your_env_name>" vars list <service_name>.

You can download the CLI here - All install instructions are also available in the readme.

To view environment variables in the dashboard, navigate to the environment that contains the database service you’re interested in. Once you find the environment you’re looking for, expand the services list by clicking on the View Environment Details link. Once you see the database service click the View details link. This will open up the services details view. Next you’ll want to click on the Environment Variables tab. There you will find the necessary environment variables for your database.

Note that this information will only be available after you have signed an order and we have provisioned your environment, or once you have successfully gone through self-service on-boarding.