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How can I customize Kibana?

Customizing your dashboard

Creating custom dashboards in Kibana can be useful if you want to visualize and view logs in different ways. To add a panel click the + button on the left side of a row and select a panel type.

Logging add panel

Configure your new panel by filling in the appropriate fields. For this example we will set up a pie chart with panel type terms.

Logging pie chart configuration

More information on updating and customizing your Kibana dashboard can be found here.

Saving your dashboard

To save your custom dashboard click the save icon in the upper right hand corner, give your dashboard a name and hit enter.

Save custom dashboard

Now that your custom dashboard is saved you can load it by clicking the load icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting the dashboard you want to load.

Updating the default dashboard

Once you have created a custom dashboard and saved it you can set it to be your default dashboard by clicking the save icon going to advanced and clicking save as home.