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Datica Secure Console

The Secure Console offers interactive command-line access to your environment's database services, using the corresponding shell. These map out as follows:

  • PostgreSQL: psql
  • MySQL (Percona): mysql
  • MongoDO: mongo

Opening a Secure Console

Using the CLI’s console command and the name of the database service (found in The Platform dashboard):

datica -E "<your_env_name>" console <database name>

For example, for a database named db01:

datica -E "<your_env_name>" console db01

Using the Console With Code Services

The console can also be used with code services, but a command needs to be specified. For example, to run rake mytask on a code service named app01:

datica -E "<your_env_name>" console app01 'rake mytask'

You may see an error message about the command you are trying to run not being whitelisted. This means we have not yet approved its compatibility with the console, or it’s custom tooling in a pattern that we haven’t yet whitelisted. For most cases, we can resolve it quickly via Support Ticket.

Console vs SSH

The secure console is not SSH, and is quite limited. It is a temporary tunnel, and can at times close abruptly. To enable SSH to your environment’s containers, a VPN is required.