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Using a Specific Buildpack Version

While The Platform can detect and apply a buildpack automatically, Datica recommends that The Platform users pin their buildpacks to a specific version.

If the buildpack is not pinned, users run the risk that a buildpack update unexpectedly breaks their code.

How do I pin the buildpack version?

The below procedure outlines how to pin the buildpack version for your application.

1. Set the BUILDPACK_URL environment variable

The Platform selects a buildpack using the BUILDPACK_URL environment variable. When this variable is not set, the Platform attempts to detect the needed buildpack automatically.

Every buildpack release is tagged with a version number. You can view the releases on the Github page for each buildpacks. Below is the Python buildpack for example:

Navigate to the Python Buildpack in a web browser. You’ll see the Github page. Click on the Releases link as highlighted below:


This displays all of the buildpack releases as highlighted below.


Choose the release you want to pin. In our example, we’ll choose v68. The buildpack URL will look like this:

Then set the URL. In this example, my environment name is ProdEnv:

datica -E MyProdEnv vars set <service_name> -v BUILDPACK_URL=""

2. Rebuild Application

This change will only take effect on the next build of the application. Builds are triggered by commits to the code service.

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