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The Dashboard includes comprehensive metrics for your environment’s services.

Viewing Metrics in the Platform Dashboard

Each service in the Platform Dashboard contains individual graphs of metrics.

Click on the “Details” button for a service to examine them.


Duration and Refresh

By default, the Platform Dashboard shows the last hour of metrics for the selected service. You can change the display window by selecting a different option from the dropdown located immediately above the metric graphs.


You can also refresh the existing time intervals by clicking the “Refresh” button.

Metrics Collected

Below are brief explanations of the metrics collected.

CPU Usage

CPU Usage is tracked as a percentage of the amount of CPU the service has been allotted.



Memory usage is tracked in terms of the number of megabytes of RAM used by the container. The memory limit of the container is clearly displayed by a red line across the top of the graph should your container approach that limit.


The minimum, maximum, and average memory use is also displayed.

Network In/Out

Network usage is tracked by total packets and total bandwidth, for both inbound and outbound traffic.