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The latest Platform release, 3.2, is arriving Thursday — September 21 2017. In the previous release, we introduced self-service environment creation and service volume scaling among other features. In this release we’re continuing with the self-service theme. Read the full release notes below.

New Features

Receipts By Email

New customers and those with amendments to their contracts can now receive payment receipts by email. To enable this feature navigate to your organization. On the “Information” tab you’ll see an input for “Billing Email”. Enter the email you wish to receive receipts (note: this feature is only available to self-service customers paying by credit card).

Self-service Object Storage Creation

New customers and those with amendments to their contracts now have the ability to create and scale object storage buckets directly in the Platform dashboard. This feature is currently only available to the “Admin” group. To utilize this feature navigate to your organization in the left side navigation. Find the “Object Storage” tab. Once inside of the Object Storage tab you’ll have the ability to increase your bucket size.

Hostnames Correlate to Service Labels

Customers will now see that Service labels are visible in Kibana’s ‘host’ field. (note: customers must redeploy a service before its label will be displayed in Kibana).

Organization Audit Logs

The dashboard now includes an organization audit log feature. You can see which organization actions your users are conducting (note: this is currently only available to admins).

Bug Fixes:

  • Dashboard: Customers with MFA enabled no longer have to reload the dashboard in order to see their environments list
  • Dashboard: Service labels are now always being displayed with correct capitalization
  • Dashboard: Organization name is now updated in real time when changed
  • Platform: More robust environment creation logic

Customer Support:

  • In order to tend to your support issue in a timely manner, please submit your ticket through the Platform dashboard by clicking on the “Contact Support” button located in the footer of the Environment UI. This provides valuable metadata to the support staff, which allow them to triage the issue much quicker.
  • Our Support Policies: Support is provided in English from our offices in Madison, WI.
  • Support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

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