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The latest Compliant Cloud release, 2.5, is arriving this evening (May 25th 2017). We’ve spent the last month implementing new ACL and VPN user account management features. We’ve also worked through some pesky bug fixes. For an in-depth look at the release see the notes below.

New Features in 2.5.0

Self Service VPN Management

All Platform customers have the ability to add a VPN appliance to their account. This VPN appliance is fully integrated with our user authentication API. This means that you only need to create a group that has “VPN Access” and add members of your organization to that group in order to give them access to your VPN appliance. To read more about our self service VPN account management feature go here.

ACL Groups

Datica now provides ACL (Access Control Lists) groups that give you more control over access to your products, services, and environments. These new groups are composed of various ACL rules. Owners and admins can add individual users within their organizations to these groups for finer access control. To learn more about ACL groups go here.

Customer Support

  • In order to tend to your support issue in a timely manner please submit your ticket through the Compliant Cloud dashboard by clicking on the “Contact Support” button located in the footer of the Environment UI. This provides valuable metadata to the support staff which allow them to triage the issue much quicker.
  • Our Support Policies: Support is provided in English from our offices in Madison, WI.
  • Support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time.
  • After-hours support for Severity-1 failures is available on all working days, weekends and US public holidays

Additional References

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