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The latest Platform release, 3.1, is arriving today — August 31 2017. In the previous release, we introduced self-service on-boarding and scaling among other features. In this release we’re continuing with the self-service theme. Additionally, we’ve done a tremendous amount of cleanup work, having fixed several bugs in both the Dashboard and CLI. See the full release notes below.

New Features


Platform metrics are now available in the dashboard again. We appreciate your patience while we got this in order.

Environment Creation

Customers with self-service contracts have the ability to create and provision new environments completely on their own through the dashboard. To do this, simply navigate to your organization and select the Plans & Payments tab. From here you can click the “Create New Environment” button. This will take you to the new Create Environment view. For more details see the gif below:



Scaling Volumes

Customers with self-service contracts can increase the scale of volumes associated with their services. These services include Databases and Caches. See the gif below on how to do this:



Adding Services

Customers with self-service contracts have the ability to add Code, Database, Queue, and Cache services to their existing environments. To do this, click the edit button next to the environment for which you’re looking to add a service. You will then be taken to a list of services. Under the services table you’ll see a row of service buttons. Select the service you wish to add. Follow the gif below for more instruction:



Sensu Check For SSL Certificates

We’ve implemented a new Sensu check for SSL certificates. This new check will look for certificates expiring within 14 days. If a certificate is expiring within the next 14 days your monitoring dashboard will show a critical alert. Customers will receive this new update after a service proxy redeploy.

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard: Improved error handling throughout the dashboard
  • Dashboard: Added missing utility services to the billing sidebar during on-boarding
  • Dashboard: Volume sizing on HA database services now displays properly during on-boarding
  • Dashboard: When no releases are present the dashboard was showing an error, it now returns an empty list
  • CLI: User invites now have the correct accept invite link
  • CLI: Fixed indexing error in the “init” command
  • Platform: Failed in-place redeploys now update the ELB properly with new host locations

Customer Support:

  • In order to tend to your support issue in a timely manner, please submit your ticket through the Platform dashboard by clicking on the “Contact Support” button located in the footer of the Environment UI. This provides valuable metadata to the support staff, which allow them to triage the issue much quicker.
  • Our Support Policies: Support is provided in English from our offices in Madison, WI.
  • Support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

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