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How do I create an S3 bucket?

Note: For customers without self-service, please submit a support ticket to create an S3 bucket. If you have self-service enabled, see the rest of this article.

Datica provides fully HIPAA compliant S3 buckets utilizing the platform Object Storage functionality. To create a new bucket do the following:


1. Log in to your Datica Platform account:




2. Select your organization from the top left of the global navigation bar (Catalyze, Inc in the example)




3. Select the "Object Storage" tab from the Organization tab menu ("Object Storage" is second from the right)




4. Once inside the Object Storage tab, you can increase your storage size by selecting the "+ Increase Object Storage" button



Follow the prompts and agree to billing terms




6. You can also add an additional bucket partition by clicking "+ Add Bucket"





You're all set!

Learn how to use your newly provisioned bucket here.