Compliant Kubernetes Service documentation has moved

Please note: You are not reading Kubernetes documentation. If you're looking for Compliant Kubernetes Service documentation, it has moved. Read more here.

We're proud to announce the launch of the new Datica support & documentation system! Over the past several weeks, we've been migrating our product documentation content from "" to "".

Why we made this change

Building reliable, succinct, and easy to understand documentation is paramount to a user's success for any product.

Over the years we've tried a number of different documentation systems. Everything from automated generation with annotations files to static markdown files and beyond. In the most recent iteration of, we used middleman to generate the static HTML files with a container based deployment setup.

We outgrew this setup primarily because there were too many steps to update our documentation. We needed something that could be deployed and updated in a matter of seconds. Our new system utilizes a traditional CMS — so updates can happen rapidly.

What this means for you

The only material change is an improved documentation experience. We'll be expanding our content footprint over the next several quarters. If you have any bookmarks or saved links to the old resource documentation you should updates those — however, we have redirecting in place, so you shouldn't see any 404s.

Help us get better

We're hoping to engage with our customers more when it comes to writing documentation. Providing you the resources to troubleshoot issues and learn how the product works means you don't have to spend time submitting a support ticket. If you feel that any documentation is missing or see errors, please send an email to, or submit a support ticket.