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Monitoring Troubleshooting

Monitoring is down

I am getting a 503 when I try to view my monitoring page

  • Potential Issue: Your monitoring service may be down or may not have been deployed
  • Potential Solution: For some sandbox environments, monitoring services may not have been created. Contact Datica support to create and deploy these services. Otherwise you can trigger a redeploy of your monitoring service by using the Datica CLI command datica -E "<your_env_name>" redeploy monitoring.

Custom Alerts

I want to be alerted when a certain event happen

  • Potential Issue: You do not have any custom Sensu alerts for your environment
  • Potential Solution: Contact Datica support to request to have custom alerts added to your environment. There are many sensu plugins that provide a wide variety of functionalities and checks that can be added to your monitoring service.


One of my services is down and I did not receive a notification

  • Potential Issue: Your monitoring service may not be configured to notify you.
  • Potential Solution: Monitoring service can be configured to use a variety of means to contact personnel when an appropriate events occurs. You can be contacted via Slack, email or text. Contact Datica support to set up monitoring notifications.