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Troubleshooting Multi-Factor Authentication

Lost Device

If you use the Google Authenticator app for multi-factor authentication, losing your device could lock you out of your account. If this has occurred, an admin of your administration will need to submit an authenticated ticket requesting your account's multi-factor authentication mode to be changed to email.

CLI Uses the Incorrect Mode

If your CLI is using the incorrect mode for MFA, you’ll need to update your preferred mode in the dashboard. The CLI is capable of only using a single mode, specifically your preferred mode, while the dashboard allows you to choose between all of your enabled modes. To set your preferred mode, please follow this guide.

My Authenticator no Longer Works

When choosing the authenticator mode for MFA, your device and the Datica servers will need to be kept in sync with NTP. Without an accurate system clock, the authenticator app will generate invalid OTPs. Mobile devices will often synchronize automatically as long as an active network connection is available. If you are using another type of device, be sure to check you have an active network connection available and check the documentation for your device on how to keep in sync with NTP.

Still Having Issues?

If you’re unable to login to your Datica account and you have reviewed the steps above, please contact Datica Support.