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Worker Job Troubleshooting

Worker is not running

I ran the datica -E "<your_env_name>" worker deploy <svcName> <target> command, but my worker is not running

  • Potential Issue: The worker target may not be defined properly in your Procfile.
  • Potential Solution: Define a worker target in your application. Check out the writing your application guide for more details.

fatal (3002) Worker Scale Exceeded: Cannot launch a worker job. Environment limit reached. Contact to increase limits

  • Potential Issue: You may not have any workers for your subscription or you have reached your worker limit for your subscription.
  • Potential Solution: If you would like to add workers please contact customer support. Otherwise you may need to scale back existing workers in order to deploy new workers. You can use the worker list cli command to view your existing and running workers and you can use the worker scale cli command to scale back running workers.