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This article is intended to outline how Legacy pricing works on the Datica Platform. For more information on Datica services, our product, and more, please see Additionally, for all customers on new pass-through pricing, please see this article.

Account Base Fee

All Datica environments have a base fee associated with their organization. This cost covers the majority of compliance services as part of the Datica Platform. When customer's deploy their applications to the Datica Platform, those applications receive a number of compliance controls and benefits that are included as part of this base fee. Those are:

Your base fee is determined by the level of service required. We currently provide three tiers of service:

  Standard Professional Enterprise
Business Associate Agreement
SOC 2 Compliance
HITRUST CSF Certification & Inheritance
4 Hour Breach Reporting ×
Security Audit Guarantee ×
Disaster Recover and Data Backup    
Load Balancing
Intrusion Detection
Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing
Windows Environments ×
9-5 Ticket Support
9-5 Phone Support ×
24/7 Severity 1 ×  
White-glove On-boarding ×   
Assigned Account Manager ×  
AWS & Azure Infrastructure ×  ×  
Global Deployments (CA, US, EU) ×  ×  
White-glove audit support × ×  

The current pricing for each tier is:

  • Standard - $1000/month
  • Professional - $3,300/month
  • Enterprise - Variable

If you're a self-service customer on a new contract, you'll receive a certain amount of infrastructure with your base fee:

  • Standard - 12GB of RAM, 150GB of EBS, 200GB of S3
  • Professional - 24GB of RAM, 300GB of EBS, 500GB of S3
  • Enterprise - Variable

If you are not a self-service customer on a new contract, your custom contract is the source of truth for what your infrastructure includes are/were at the time of signature. This pricing will still apply on any new infrastructure (unless otherwise noted in your contract).

Scale Pricing

As your organization and user base grows, you will inevitably have to scale your services, environments and volumes. As you outgrow the resources included in your plan, you can provision additional resources according to the pricing below:

  • RAM = $100/1GB/month (ex: a 3GB code service is $300 per month)
  • EBS Volumes = $2.50/1GB/month (ex: a 40GB database volume is $100 per month)
  • S3 = $100/100GB/month (ex: 200GB of storage is $200)