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In the latest Platform release, 4.0, we announced pass-through pricing. A comprehensive overhaul of our pricing model. If you were a customer before the 4.0 release, you may be wondering how you can transition to this new pricing model. This FAQ is intended to help answer that question and many other pass-through pricing related questions you might have.


Can I stay with my current pricing?

Yes. We will honor your contract as is.

How do I transition to the new pricing?

The first step is to contact us at We'll then put together a quote with the updated pricing model based on your current set of applications. We'll share this with you via email. If all looks good, we'll get you transitioned. Please note: Not all customers will be eligible for an immediate transition.

How are pass-through pricing numbers set?

We evaluate pass-through numbers on a quarterly basis. Since the pass-through mechanism is correlated to Datica's incurred cost from AWS, and not the AWS cost itself, there will be some slight discrepancy between AWS's public pricing, and Datica's pass-through pricing. Often we are cheaper (since we receive bulk pricing from AWS).

How does pass-through pricing work?

There are three components to pass-through pricing:

  1. Pass-through Infrastructure Cost
  2. Base Environment Fee
  3. Additional Support Fee
    1. 24x7 Severity 1: $750/environment/month

The aggregation of these numbers determines the cost for your environment per month. For details on pricing please refer to our pricing page here.

If you hav any additional questions please feel free to email us at