Compliant Kubernetes Service documentation has moved

Please note: You are not reading Kubernetes documentation. If you're looking for Compliant Kubernetes Service documentation, it has moved. Read more here.

In our latest release, 4.0, we announced new pass-thru pricing. You can read more about the release here. In that release, you may have noticed that we're now offering two support plans — Basic and Premium. Note: If you were a customer before March 7 2018, then you're already receiving Premium support.


All customers will receive basic support out of the box. This is our standard, 9am to 5pm CST ticket support. If you're having issues with your environment and cannot find your answer in our documentation, you can use support to help resolve these issues. We require all support tickets be submitted through our Product dashboard for authentication purposes.


Premium support gives you 24/7 severity 1 support. A severity 1 issue is anything considered urgent. This means that if your environment is down, then you're covered for submitting a severity 1 issue at anytime during the day. According to our legal policies, a severity 1 issues is defined as:

Urgent. A crisis has occurred - a system is down, a major operational function is unavailable or a critical interface has failed