The Datica Kubernetes Platform pricing is made up of the following five dimensions:

Datica Platform subscription

This is an annual license. We have options for both yearly and monthly payments.

Deployment model

Datica offers two deployment models. The first is the option for Datica to deploy a Kubernetes cluster into your cloud account ("On-account"). The second option is to have Datica create a cloud account on your behalf ("Datica Cloud"). The primary benefit to the Datica Cloud option is that the BAA is now between Datica and AWS (as opposed to On-account, where the BAA is between you and AWS). This helps solidify the compliance responsibility. Additionally, any new BAAs you require in the future can be centrally managed by Datica with the Datica Cloud option.


Basic support is included by default for all customers. This option includes 9am - 5pm CST ticket support, Monday through Friday.


For components that fall outside of the Kubernetes cluster, Datica offers services to make those components compliant. We have a number of different add-ons that we support and we're continuing to expand our catalogue.


Datica offers a number of complimentary compliance services that help you understand your compliance posture in the cloud.

To get a quote and learn more, please reach out to our sales department at [email protected]