Datica offers two deployment models. The first is the option for Datica to deploy a Kubernetes cluster into your cloud account ("On-account"). The second option is to have Datica create a cloud account on your behalf ("Datica Cloud"). The primary benefit to the Datica Cloud option is that the BAA is now between Datica and AWS (as opposed to On-account, where the BAA is between you and AWS). This helps solidify the compliance responsibility. Additionally, any new BAAs you require in the future can be centrally managed by Datica with the Datica Cloud option.

How to choose

Choosing the right deployment option is entirely dependent on the business needs of your organization. If you're already comfortable signing BAAs with multiple entities and know your way around the AWS and Azure landscape, then the On-account option is likely for you. If you'd like to centralize to one BAA and push everything through Datica, then the Datica Cloud option is likely for you.

In either scenario, the underlying infrastructure spend will be your responsibility. We offer the Datica Cloud option as a way to streamline the business processes around accepting, storing, and transmitting PHI. We will grant you access and admin permissions to the infrastructure account we create on your behalf.