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1. Update the Parse Dashboard configuration

In your local Parse dashboard repository (created in Step 2 of our Parse Dashboard setup guide), add the Parse application block to the parse-dashboard configuration file `config.json` (found in your repository's root directory):

"apps": [
<<insert application block here -- use a comma to separate application blocks>>
"users": [
<<user block is here -- do not copy/paste this section>>

Example Application block:

"serverURL": "https://<parse-server-fqdn>/<app-name>",
"appId": "<app-id>",
"masterKey": "<master-key-uuid>",
"appName": "<app-name>",
"production": true

Make sure to commit your changes to your local repository.


2. Redeploy the Parse Dashboard

Change to the root directory of your local repository and push to the Datica master.

 cd /path/to/your/<env-name>-parse-dashboard

git push datica master