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Self-service CPaaS customers have the ability to add new services to existing environments. If you are not a self-service customer and would like to become one, please contact support through the product dashboard, or reach out to your account manager.

Step 1

Sign in to the dashboard and select an environment by clicking on the name. This will take you to a listing of your services. Below the services list, you will see a section called "Add services:" — in this section you'll see a series of buttons. Click on a service to add it to your environment.


Step 2

Once you've clicked on the service you'd like to add, you'll then fill out the details of the new service. Give your service a name, scale and size. Database services will also ask you to size an attached volume.

Note: for high availability, please use a scale of 2.


Step 3

After you've filled in the details of your service, you can proceed to pricing to confirm and deploy the service. Please note: pricing will differ on a customer by customer basis.


That's it! You can start using your new service right away. Please note, certain services will need to be redeployed in order to be available to your application.