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The latest release of Datica's Compliant PaaS (CPaaS) was released on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. We have some exciting new features and improvements that are now available!

New Features and Functionality

Increased Maximum Import Size

Previously, running an import via the Datica CLI was limited to 5GB in size. We have substantially increased that limit to 1TB.

Enabled Increase Disk Size for Logging

Self-service customers now have the ability to increase the size of their logging service's volume via the dashboard. To enable self-service for your organization, please let us know by opening a support ticket.

Multiple Buildstep Options

CPaaS now supports multiple options for building applications. See our article on Configuring Code Service Stack for more information.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed links in emails about group and ACL changes
  • Higher limits for scale and size when adding or editing services
  • Security improvements for cookie management in dashboard
  • Security improvement in reset password workflow
  • Increased timeout when retrieving metrics information
  • Fixed self-service billing calculation bugs for edge cases