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The latest release of Datica's Compliant PaaS (CPaaS) was released on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. 

New Features and Functionality 


CPaaS now supports Mirth 3.8.1.b246. All of Datica’s Mirth environments now default to using 3.8.1 when creating new services. 

Monitoring & Logging 

New Environments are now created with Monitoring & Logging services running Sensu dashboard 1.7.0-1 and ELK7 (Kibana 7.4). 


New Redis services now default to using Redis 4.0.9. 


New Postgres services now default to using version 9.6.16. 


New services now default to using Percona 5.7.27-30-57. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements